We are the best coders in the international market. Full stop.

At JetBridge we believe that no other marketplace or agency can match what we offer developers because we prioritize both technical mentorship and fiscal education.

We're not looking to hire the most experienced or the most educated, we're looking to hire the most coachable because we know that being #1 is about having the best culture - and great culture is about learning, not knowing*.*

Our Mission, Vision and Values


A successful Swedish entrepreneur called JetBridge, "A small dot in the big gap between Western engineers and offshore developers." We're here to disrupt software outsourcing through a Silicon Valley framework for creating superstars.


At JetBridge, we see a future where “offshore labor” is 1x as effective as in Silicon Valley. Nobody has done this at scale effectively yet.

We want to be the first.

That means we will fail many times, learn many things and occasionally succeed.

We will build a $100 Million (revenue) software services company owned by an international Core Team instead of a local oligarch or single owner. We also love tools, so we will continue building on our SaaS application that gives clients unprecedented power and visibility into technical recruiting.


JetBridge exists to serve its employees first, its customers second, then our shareholders. This hierarchy dictates our important decisions on our march to become a publicly traded organization.

From our CEO John: "While the company's mission is to disrupt software outsourcing, my personal mission is to help you attain your true inner potential, in the shortest amount of time."

Our Core Ethics

"Reputation is more important than money."

Too many potentially great careers have been sacrificed for the belief that the world is so big that money or convenience is more important than reputation. Time always proves they're wrong.

Indicator Flags (How We Know How You Will Perform In Your Career)

Green Flags (some indicators of future superstars)